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Blank CDs

I'm running a bit low on blank CDs, so I'm preparing for another bulk order. Anyone in Oberlin want to chip in and take advantage of a mass order, meaning bulk rates? I'm getting them for about 17c each, plus S&H. I'd prefer people to get multiples of 100 because it'll be easier to count (that's how they're packaged) but, especially if you can team up with someone else to make it a multiple of 100, whatever works. Those are the prices for 8x certified generic silver/silver 74min CDs - if you want any other type, talk to me privately, as it'll be trickier to work out. and I don't want any other kind anyway :)

Leaving messages is just fine. And if you're not certain if you can afford it, I can always hold on to the blanks until you can - and if you never can, well, I can always use more blanks :P (chance of a lifetime! so to speak.)

(and even if you don't have a CD-R, remember that there are people who do :P)
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