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You scored as a One or Two.

Primary Intelligence: Behavioral
Coping Style: Competency
Social Style: Compliant
Hierarchical Style: Ideals

A One is focused on complying to ideals. Ones use their behavioral intelligence to learn and follow the rules of society and other systems. Ones tend to be more concerned with such things as rules-based morality, etiquette, and orderliness than other types are. Ones deal with stress by following rules, and they generally think that self-improvement comes from learning how to follow rules even better. At their best, Ones become efficient at whatever they do by combining their strong behavioral intelligence with compliance to rules, ideals, and order. Ones also make excellent reformers, as they champion the ideals they live by. Dr. Laura and Miss Manners are good examples of Ones.

Primary Intelligence: Emotional
Coping Style: Positive
Social Style: Compliant
Hierarchical Style: Control

Twos try to retain control over their lives by using their strong emotional intelligence to anticipate and meet (comply to) the needs of others. By making themselves indispensible, Twos feel that they can assure themselves a place in others' lives. They also use their emotional intelligence to keep a positive outlook on life, which helps to spare them from the pain they would otherwise feel by being so in touch with other people's needs and emotions. Without keeping a positive outlook, Twos would sink into the pain of those they feel compassion for. At their best, Twos provide great service to those in need. Mother Theresa is a good example.

. . . great, I'm a cross between Dr. Laura, Miss Manners, and Mother Theresa. Would someone please kill me now? I'm afraid I'll be the greatest terror the world has seen since disco.
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