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Going Just A Little Bit Further

The thing that frustrates me about some games is that they just don't go *quite* far enough. Take, for example, Diablo II. Four ring graphics. Four amulet graphics. Come on, folks, how much would it cost to pay your artists to make another dozen? Or more? These things are, like, 32x32! That's not big! Same thing with the runes - are we really supposed to believe that, of all these incredibly rare things called "runes" with sometimes-astonishing magic effects, they ALL LOOK IDENTICAL? (okay, yes. Four designs for each size. woo.)

That's just plain *dumb*. Fantasy lore indicates pretty specifically that everything looks *different*. That really powerful magic items are either absolutely beautiful or incredibly plain-looking, not chosen randomly from one of four universal designs.

Another case in point: Uniques. They go to the trouble of making these things called "uniques", then make *one* unique of each type. So you say things like "oh, *that* unique weapon again. I've seen that one before." Yeah, okay, so they *do* have custom graphics for some of them (luckily), but come on, would it really be that hard to add another few uniques of each type? And it would be so much more *interesting*, because a unique would actually be surprising and interesting, instead of "oh geez, don't tell me I got another Nagelring" and entire bands of warriors wandering around with - count them - TWO "unique" "Stone of Jordan"s EACH.

THINK, people!


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