Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

this is highly interesting.

If even half of this is right, it's starting to become a really stupid idea for males to trust females - I mean, if you really care about each other, if she decides just for fifteen seconds that she's angry enough to call the police - even if it's COMPLETELY her fault - you've just lost a phenomenal number of privilages and assets.

*ponders starting a Male Rights campaign*

(screw "physical superiority". There are girls who could beat me up, there are girls who could out-program me. Maybe not many. But they're out there. Not only that, but they'll get preferential treatment in a lot of situations. This whole thing is screwed up.)

I can't find the Spider Robinson quote right now. But it's something along the lines of a time traveler coming back to the late 20th century, referring to it as the height of the period of male oppression. "I think you mean female oppression." "No . . . no, I think I'm right."

And then there's the recurring theme in Jack Chalker about "equality". The people going for "equality" don't actually want equality. They want it to be just like it is now, only they want to be on top.

I'm finding that easier and easier to believe.
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