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World's Most Beautiful Sensuality Scenes

No, not necessarily *sex*, just sensuality. Any nominations? My personal two favorites . . .

The "shaving" scene in Phenomenon
The, well, sex scene in the second Prometheus book.

(yes, tira, take a wild guess as to why I'm thinking about this now :P)

For those who haven't seen either or both, well, spoiler warning, sort of - skip this if you don't want to read about 'em.

In Phenomenon, the main character is sort of standoffish, and ends up falling in love. He has a beard, and always has. Well, the person he's fallen for (and who falls for him) says she wants to shave him, because she wants to see him clean-shaven. So, she shaves him. It's a truly beautiful scene, with an enormous amount of trust (c'mon, someone holding a blade that near to your face!)

The Prometheus scene is, well, a bit harder to explain IMHO. it's an entire issue of a comic series devoted to this sex scene, and it's *beautiful*. Not sexy, but simply stunning. I can't really explain any better than that :P

So anyway. Any nominations or comments? ^^
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