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I hate movies with enormous amounts of pain.

I mean, it was a really great movie - that's the frustrating bit. It was an awesome movie. Just so much of it was people who are really not very nice doing things to each other which are rather atrocious. You just don't mess with someone's head like that. It's just . . . something you Don't Do.

And I could have enjoyed the ending if all of them had ended up happy, or if none of them had, but, well . . . it almost seems like the people who least deserved happiness got it. I mean, one of them . . . yeah, okay, maybe she was betrayed a *little*. But not much. He wasn't dishonest, he was just dissatisfied. Whereas she *really* backstabbed him and didn't even tell him. And the other one was pretty much pure evil, and yet she's the one who enjoyed the whole thing the most!

Just not right.

Nice guys finish last, and it sucks being a nice guy :/

And then there's the poor actor, but that's another matter entirely.

Because I know some people will want to know what movie this is, but I had to give away a good chunk of plot, I present you with the movie's name, encoded. ORVATWBUAZNYXBIVPU. I took out the spaces. The decoder is here.

In other matters . . . I still haven't heard from kuangning. I'm getting really worried.

Not that saying that will do any good.

(I hope you're okay . . .)
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