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this is one of the worst tests I've ever seen. I've never found myself saying "you know, none of these even remotely fit me" that many times.

I got a 96, but I'm adding a mental plus or minus 100 to that. Or something.

The trip to DC was, shall we say, interesting.

Step 1: Get to Elyria. Done.
Step 2: Find Funcoland. Drove around for 20 minutes and gave up.
Step 3: Find KB Toys. Done.
Step 4: Buy GBA and what games they have that I want. Done. But it was tricky, because my debit card came back as rejected. Why? I have no idea. I went down to the ATM and withdrew $300, then paid in cash.
Step 5: Find Toys'r'Us. Done.
Step 6: Buy light and the rest of the games I wanted. Done. This time the debit card worked, which is lucky, because if it hadn't I would have had to put Castlevania or Chu Chu Rocket back. (No, I don't know why it decided to work.)
Step 7: Find Elyria bus station. Done.
Step 8: Buy ticket. Not done. See, the bus station was CLOSED. DOH!
Step 9: Drive to Cleveland bus station without breaking down. Not done. Self-explanatory.
Step 10: Call cab. Done.

The rest went pretty smoothly, luckily. I got to the bus station and played GBA games until the bus showed up, then got to DC, and now for something completely different!

Buses are neat. Like, they're really neat. See, airports are dull. You go to an airport, and you've got, like, Average College Kid, Small Family On Trip, Business Man With Laptop. Grab a photocopier and fill the airport. Humanity generica.

On the other hand, you go to a bus station, and, well, I haven't seen that many colors of hair outside Oberlin before. And it was even crazier than that - a guy and a girl, one with red hair, sleeping on the floor in each other's arms, while TWENTY FEET AWAY was an Amish family. And on the other side of the bus station, looking very bored, were a pair of what I think were nuns. This does not happen on airplanes. The bus ride itself was dull, but I had leg room and the air was nice, unlike airplanes, where occasionally you feel the need to temporarily detach your lungs and clean off the razor blades.

And now for something completely different!

Has anyone noticed how there aren't any 2d action games anymore? Like, not one. Name a single good modern 2d action game. Go ahead. Any platform. You can't, can you? And it's not because it's impossible - there are tons of *old* good 2d action games. And it's not because 2d doesn't sell, because there are tons of 2d games period. I actually don't know why. I noticed this while playing Castlevania. Anyone played the old Castlevania games? They were your basic dungeon crawl - you beat your way through a dungeon, and your reward is another dungeon to beat your way through. Well, the *new* Castlevania game is more akin to Super Metroid. Even with a map. And, unlike Super Metroid, it has a (admittedly stripped-down compared to most RPGs) equipment/stat/level system.

There are no pure action games anymore.

In some ways, this is sad.

I think this entry is finished now.

Oh, wait, one last thing. I'm pronouncing myself virtually entirely healed. A few loose ends, perhaps, but . . . well, for those of you who have read my log file, I've closed it now. Finished it. And while this won't mean much to the majority of you, the few who it does mean something to will realize just how major this is.

And to those who are responsible for this . . . thank you. I owe you an enormous amount, and don't say I don't because I do :P
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