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are you out there?
can you hear this?
static rolls around me
I'm listening, all the time
for someone more familiar.
it's getting light, I hear the birds
up all night again, waiting
what's the future?
can I find it?
I am calling.
find me.

(this has been another episode of intentionally modified song lyrics).

I suppose I could make this a pair of entries, but I may as well just make it one . . . except, bah, I dunno how to write this part. sigh. Well, I'll summarize. Guy on IRC, talking about his girlfriends - three of them, who apparently don't know about each other. And, well, lemme quote:

<Rikugun> i wish i could send you guys the voicemail i got from kara
<Rikugun> she's like, getting bitched at by her dad, and is like telling me she misses me and shit

I dunno if it's really as bad as it sounds, but it could be - if I haven't gotten the tone across yet, this guy's a JERK.

sigh. and yet he has three girlfriends. why on earth does this happen?

And also . . .

<Dark5555> I find it funny how a lot of women say men are pigs but they are just as bad
<Mage^> Dark5555; women like men who treat them badly and are macho
<Mage^> please tell me i'm wrong, but i've yet to come across anyone who isn't younger than 16 to tell me otherwise
<Dark5555> unfortantly that is true in some cases
<Mage^> well most cases

so. yeah. is the world that way? I don't think so, but . . .

of course, some people agree with me -

* Aeris_Zzz slaps Mage^ around a bit with a large trout
<Aeris_Zzz> you're wrong now die :P

So there's some hope, I guess.

ah well.
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