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The strange paths and inversions my mind takes . . .

Sitting in compsci today and thinking about, of course, anything but compsci ("well, yeah, of course that's how you do it. how else would you do it?") which usually falls into well-worn grooves, yeah, you can see this one coming, can't you? I remember, oh, a few months ago, lying in bed with her, when all I really wanted to do was just snuggle and be there with her without having to think, and she got annoyed at me for that timeless reason of "I feel like you're only using me for my body".

Well, thinking about this in compsci for no particular reason, after about twenty minutes of situation extrapolations and transformations, my mind spit out the apparently random phrase "I feel like you're only using me for my mind."

Allow me to imitate Keanu Reeves.


Isn't *that* ironic?

Case in point: Asking me for tech help, programming help, mental help, advice of all sorts. Giving me, now that I look back on it, very little of the same. Never wanting to just physically be with me, even when we hadn't had a chance to spend time together less than two thousand miles apart for months. Breaking up with me a scant week after I finished putting together her computer.

I'm actually not sure whether to feel insulted or flattered :)

As I did proclaim today to be Link Day, I feel I must provide another interesting link. If you go to no other link on this entry, go to that one and browse. (Though the Keanu Reeves link is mighty amusing also.)

And I'm about 99% sure that's not really Keanu Reeves making those comments - just some user on sCary's Shuga Shack (DON'T ask) who came up with an amusing idea and decided to do it.

I could be wrong though.
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