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Someone on my friends list was ranting about too many people taking those online tests . . . about how she didn't really care about them and she felt they were pointless, and she was starting to take people off her list because of that. And I checked, and she'd taken me off her list . . .

In a way, this feels really really weird. I mean, it's my journal. I can put what I want in it, and I'm not about to change for my "fan base". But in another way . . . it feels like she never even thought of me as a friend at all. (I mean, isn't that what the friends list is for?) Just some guy who occasionally said interesting things - a mailing list, so to speak. I don't add people to my friends list just because they have insightful things to say, or because they make me laugh or smile. I add them because they interest me, as a person. Admittedly they might do so because of the insightful things/laugh-smile deal. But if someone on my friends list degenerated into inanity for a while - which has definitely happened more than once - well, I got interested in them because of them, and *they* haven't changed, so why would I stop wanting to know what's going on in their life?

Sigh. just confuses me.

Although I find it ironic that her complaints about not enough interesting/philosophical comments have spawned a philosophical comment, out of no effort to please her, but rather just because it's how I'm thinking at a time. I don't do philosophy on demand - it happens when it happens, and the last few weeks have been too busy to be insightful.

Oh well. I'm keeping her on my friends list until she complains . . . she hasn't ceased interesting me, although she does seem a bit more self-centered to me than she did before.

Go figure.

Oh, incidentally, there was one other person who posted an entry like that - but it wasn't so self-righteous, it was more of a "GRRR" than a "You haven't maintained the right level of interest, therefore I don't want to be your friend anymore".

Big difference.
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