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"OK, I know it was stupid of me to hang that stupid sign on my door. I'm sorry #107. (I know I've annoyed you many times this semester, and I'm sorry, I'll be much more (not quite sure of the word order here, the person has a bunch of arrows - there's "towards", "silent", and "silence" - go figure) from now on . . . BUT . . . when you get a chance, I'd like to ask you about some "cheat codes" I accidentally stumbled upon while using the Internet. If you think it means nothing, you can call me stupid and I'll NEVER bother you again, (at least I'll try)"

this I found in front of my door. No room number. No name. The back of it informs me that on the 20th at 2pm they should be in Room 127 for Greek. Plus they have a paper and a final for MRT, and an in-class for 19th. And a final paper for WB. And a take home paper for (backwards P, o, backwards P and forwards P fused together with a little plus on the top-right).

Very curious. Anyone have any ideas? :P

I left a note on the whiteboard basically saying "you know, if you want me to get in touch with you, you're gonna have to tell me who you are".

go figure . . .
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