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surreality continues

Last night, the person next door's room was open - propped open - with the light off and completely empty. At, like, 4 AM. And he's apparently giving away a lot of clothes and a bottle of tabasco sauce, as they're next to his door with a note above them reading, effectively, "take me". However, the note did not also refer to his CDs, which I could have - presumably - just walked in and taken.

I went to class and ran into someone in the hall who wanted to know how I'd liked lunch. My response: "huh?" As usual, I didn't go to lunch today.

Also, a friend in compsci was telling me about how they'd met some strange person in Biggs (computer lab) who was apparently a big conspiracy theory nut - they'd written out a big equation that took into account Chinese symbols and such. Then they'd opened up a popular webpage, followed a series of relatively hidden links, and the computer crashed and printed out exactly what he'd just written on the board. Apparently this is the same person who left the note in front of my door.

Finally, my computer is now working perfectly.

One of the above paragraphs is a lie. Guess which one!
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