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and wondering why it is that so many people's journals are just so incredibly *boring*. I mean, some of it is probably that it's finals. Nobody who's in school is feeling totally chipper right now - it's basically split among those who are saying "I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF FINALS AND FAILING EVERYTHING", "I JUST GOT OUT OF FINALS! WHOOPEE!", and "I'M SO BORED, WHEN DOES SCHOOL START AGAIN?", and, of course, I feel morally obligated to shun the third group, just because they're cruel and evil and taunting me.

But then . . . I dunno . . . just so *dull*! People aren't saying anything, they're just talking. It's weird, 'cause I remember being able to click "random" two or three times and finding someone who was Really Really Interesting. Geez, that's what I *did* during the summer. And yet everyone is really really really dull now!

And just when I was about to give up all hope, I *finally* find someone who has fantastic photos and strange surreal odd posts and is, in general, interestingstrange, and so (of course) I add her.

But this gets me thinking - why on *earth* would she add me? I mean, I haven't been posting anything interesting recently at all!

So I go check my journal and find out that, actually, I'm not doing too badly. I mean, it's not really a deep-philosophical-look-at-the-beauty/horror/strangeness-that-is-my-life (like some of the more boring ones were trying to be - there are few things more pathetic than someone trying to convince you that they're depressed and failing miserably) but, hey, I live, weird things happen, I write sestinas using a single word, life is good.

Where "good" is defined as "I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF FINALS AND FAILING EVERYTHING" plus "Aaaaagh, I have strep throat!" plus "I wish my computer would work with its primary hard drive" plus "I wish my computer's new video card was here" plus "I wish my computer's sound card would stop crashing (though I may have fixed it, whoop!" plus "I need to clean up my room" plus "ya know, all things considered, I *still* wish I had a girlfriend" and so on and so forth.

But in general, life is good.

Although none of this really tells me whether she'll add me or not :P well, we shall see.

To adventure! *trumpets sound*

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