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how to get rid of that crazy stalker who keeps calling you up with death threats

And now that I've thoroughly massacred any chance that said person will consider me intelligent and thoughtful, I'm going to bed! But first I'm taking a shower. And maybe making some cocoa. And maybe a small snack.

. . . and *then* I'm going to bed!

I would point out something that I find deeply deeply disturbing and contrary to the very fabric of the universe. But it would sound like bragging. So I won't.

Next episode! Will we discover what threatens to destroy the very fabric of spacetime itself? (no) Will Zorba be saner and more rational? (no) Will the dangling threads of his life be tied up in a neat package? (no) Will he feel obliged to make a horrible pun about the word "package"? (no) Tune in next time, when this entire entry will have been forgotten in the haze of sleepdep!

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