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either I'm imagining things, or these antibiotics are working *fast*.

Die, bacteria, die!

It still hurts to swallow *stuff*, but it doesn't hurt nearly as much to swallow *nothing*.

On another point, why are some of my friends assuming I was talking about THEM when I said that RANDOM JOURNALS I found while RANDOM JOURNAL SURFING were boring? You know, RANDOM ones. As in, almost certainly NOT YOU.

(Although in a bizarre twist of probability, I've now run into arlinimartini three times (!) while using the "random" option, but none of those were that time, and she's not boring.)

So let me make this perfectly clear. If you're on my friends list, it's because I LIKE you. Or find you interesting. Or like you. And either way, I'm not about to call you boring, and either way, I want to read stuff you write.

So if you're reading this, chances are you're NOT ONE OF THE PEOPLE I WAS REFERRING TO.


gottit? good. *glare*

Now let us never mention this again.

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