Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

It's an online survey! Bet you haven't seen one of *these* in a while.

- last book you read: Carpe Jugulum, I think. Don't get much chance for reading in college :/
- last movie you saw: Would have to be Truman Show.
- last movie you saw on the big screen: Shrek.
- last phone number you called: Atacom order status line :P
- last show you watched on TV: last show I watched on what?
- last song you heard: [Garbage]-Till The Day I Die is currently running through my head.
- last thing you had to drink: Water. Blech.
- last thing you ate: A cheeseburger with (semi-)REAL mustard and DOUBLE BACON. Mmmmm. <person before me in line> This one has the bacon falling off. Can I just leave the bacon? <cafeteria worker> Yeah, I bet someone will snag it. <me> Yoink!
- Last Time you showered: Last night.
- last time you cried: then.
- last time you smiled: right now, reading those comments.
- last time you laughed: Not a clue. Recently.
- last person you hugged: greenity
- last person you kissed: greenity
- last thing you said: do so.
- last person you talked to online: avalynn.
- last person you talked to on the phone: Person-who-handles-the-phones-and-speaks-bad-english at Atacom. (They have, like, half a dozen of them. And NONE of them can speak English. I do not understand this. They're based in California!)
- last thing you smelled: The dead lemon tea packet sitting next to my monitor.
Do you...
- smoke? noway.
- do drugs? not yet. Someday I'll likely try some of the less permanent/addictive ones.
- drink? See above.
- have sex? oddly, yes.
- sleep with stuffed animals? no. Though I have three, they stay out of the bed because there's little enough room for just me.
- have a crush? Oh, probably. No major ones right now.
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend? uh-uh ;.;
- have a dream that keeps coming back? have a what? (I don't remember my dreams.)
- play an instrument? Does the computer count? (Honest question.)
- believe there is life on other planets? Likely.
- read the newspaper? uhuh
- have any gay or lesbian friends? Uh-uh. Not ONE. No way. None at all. Zero. Zip. Nil. </sarcasm>
- believe in miracles? define miracle.
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yes. just not likely.
- consider yourself tolerant of others? I try.
- consider police a friend or foe? A neutral, to be exploited in some situations.
- like the taste of alcohol? Fish.
- have a favourite Stooge? I do not.
- believe in astrology? Not in the normal way it's practiced. Birth charts . . . maybe.
- believe in magic? maybe maybe maybe. Skeptic. But willing to see it.
- pray? to Murphy, maybe :P
- go to church? Ha.
- have any secrets? A few, probably. To a few of my best friends, none consciously.
- have any pets? No.
- go to or plan to go to college? Yes.
- have a degree? No.
- talk to strangers who instant message you? Sure. Though I would cheerfully freak them out if they were boring.
- wear hats? I do not.
- have any piercings? nope.
- have any tattoos? nope.
- hate yourself? I cannot answer this question in any meaningful fashion.
- have a "hot spot"? . . . maaaaaybe.
- wish on stars? not generally, because I'm lazy. but if I was with someone who did, I would.
- like your handwriting? Hey, I can read it. where's the problem?
- have any bad habits? none. I am a veritable god of not-having-any-bad-habits. For example, I never brag. </sarcasm>
- believe in witches? See the reply for "magic".
- believe in Satan? See the reply for "witches".
- believe in ghosts? See the reply for "Satan".
- believe in Santa? See the reply for "tattoos".
- believe in the Easter Bunny? See the reply for "hats".
- believe in the Tooth Fairy? See the reply for "degree".
- have a second family? only vaguely.
- trust others easily? Yes.
- like sarcasm? Only when it's obvious.
- take walks in the rain? oh yeah.
- kiss with your eyes closed? Sometimes. Sometimes not.
- sing in the shower? Not these showers, they're public and I can't sing if people are listening ^^;;
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