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you know, it seems like almost everyone has someone now . . . I'm not going to bother to list them off because I'd make people feel bad, and because I'd be listing off some obscure connections that would make people go "huh?". But still. It feels like every random person I run into is talking about their girlfriend or their boyfriend or their brother's girlfriend or their niece's boyfriend or their sister's uncle's nephew's second cousin's former roommate's girlfriend or something. (and what does that make us?) (Absolutely nothing!)

Went by hawkswift's today, hung out for a few hours. Was good. Going over again tomorrow for a day or two. May not be online much. But, hey. You never know.

. . . bleh. flatness. I'm better for now (and how many times have I said that?) but don't expect it to last (and how many times have I said *that*?) Life continues, I guess . . . if anyone knows someone who has a crush on me, tell me? no? didn't think so.

another competition, another $300. 35 points from red.

(but does it make you happy?)

(no, of course not.)
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