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sex and conversations

First order. Why do so many people end up talking to me about sex? I mean, I'm not complaining, it's a good conversation topic and all, it's just a little odd. I mean, it's not even guys - it's ALL girls. Many underage. You know who you are. Go figure :P

Although it most definitely is interesting to see the other side of the position, so to speak. So, as I said before, I'm NOT COMPLAINING. It's just amusing, and highly interesting and all.

Okay, and there's something interesting right there. Why do I find it interesting? Answer: because I LIKE GIVING PLEASURE. Mmm, girls in pleasure. Very very pretty ^^ so, well . . . I have to know how, right? And I have to know what people think/like/feel/etc.

Wonder if it helps . . . bah. some things you CAN'T judge on your own ;)

Anyway. Second matter. Why on earth is nobody around? Like, NOBODY. And more to the point, none of the people that I need to talk to. One of them's even come online and vanished again, and that's just annoying! Blah. well, if I need to talk to you, I've mentioned it already, and the status hasn't changed, so get online already!

Grrrrr :P
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