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so, here I am in Boulder.

It's a cool place. It's big enough that there's stuff, but small enough that the stuff isn't spread all over the place. So it's good.

Things That Are Annoying.

I managed to leave most of my computer cords at Oberlin, I think. Most of them are okay in that I can get replacements, except for my soundcard cable whip, which isn't very easily replacable. I think I might try to build one myself - I only need the front channel, after all. I ended up getting a new mouse - optical AND cordless. Oooooh. Classy.

My case got damaged in transit - it must have gotten dropped, HARD, on the side. The hard drive cage bent over and hit the side of the case hard enough to dent it pretty badly. I'm definitely calling for insurance on the case. I won't on the hard drives, but I'm going to be scanning them for errors and if they get any, calling for insurance on that also.

As for the people . . . well, I haven't been able to really spend time with people yet ^^;; Most of today was getting in, getting computer set up, then RPG party at melek's. luna's sleeping behind me, and as soon as I'm done with this, I'm going to go try to get a controller for Dead Or Alive 3. (mmm, xbox.)

(melek and luna are happy being together. maybe they're not Together together, but . . . they're not apart either. i wish i wish.)

mrr . . . DoA3 . . . and so many memories linked to DoA2. well, we'll see how well I hold out, I guess . . .
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