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I believe this entire entry is being written for the sole purpose of explaining why the mood I'm going to add on the end of it is inaccurate, which is ironic because if the mood was right I wouldn't bother writing the post.

Right. First things first, or rather, last things first. Go down and read the mood. Got it? Good. Now come back. (Wait, maybe I should have said that *before* it scrolled off the screen . . . oh well.)

So anyway. There's my mood. Here's why it's wrong.

Most of the time, people use that word to mean something along the lines of "I want to get laid". In this case, that's (mostly) inaccurate. See, what I want to do is lay someone else. Or more to the point, pleasure someone else.

For those of you who haven't done something like this . . . pleasuring others is just plain *fun*. For both of you. And, ya know, I think this entry might end up cut short because I just can't explain why in terms that would make sense to someone who doesn't already understand.

But, yeah. I don't want to get off, I want to get someone else off! Ah well. Somehow I doubt that's happening anytime soon :/

I have an entry about hope and a story to write, neither of which will occur today, unless you define today as AM-to-PM, in which case one or both of them may.

(incidentally, does anyone else feel this way sometimes? or for that matter, anyone in the Boulder or Seattle area want to take me up on this offer? I think I'm in a female-only mood though :P)

(wow, I sound like Rek.)
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