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You know one thing I like about all my friends?

We all have the same argument styles. There's sort of an unspoken treaty on how arguments work, and the weird thing is it gets shared with everyone I know. We all know what's acceptable and what isn't, and everyone fights fair.

Except my mom.

I don't actually know why. Is she really arguing differently, or just annoying me more? Is it a generational thing? After being around Luna's dad I'm starting to think it's a generational thing, because he does the exact same stuff. Which is weird to think about. Each generation has its own discussion style, which crosses the entire continent or something? Weird to think about.

Things That Are Annoying That People Use In Arguments:

Refusing to iron out what's meant by certain terms.
Disagreeing when you tell them what you think. ("No, you don't think that!")
Leaving it before any conclusion is reached.
Thinking that repetition makes truth.
Thinking that if you phrase it slightly differently, they'll agree.

See, all of those are tricks or refusals to discover and answer the question. It's like the answer isn't the important part to them - winning is. Or the argument is. Not figuring out the truth. It's really really frustrating.


On other tracks, I finally talked to luna and, well, it was just all bad timing or miscommunication or general Murphy. so, yeah. I wish things would have worked out differently, but it just wasn't meant to be. For anyone who feels like defending me - DON'T be angry at her. Got it? Good.

anyway. yeah. Seattle and life continues . . . I find out on Tuesday.
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