Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Finally figured out why this decompression was taking so long. I downloaded a file, on this Mac, with Fetch. Well, most Macs are set up so when you download something it automatically opens it. So it automatically opened it. It's an HQX so that means to decode it first, which it did, then opened *that*. And decided to virus-scan it, just in case.

Well, "it" was a rather large archive. So it opened it, and scanned it . . . and the virus scanner said "oh, it's an archive!" and started decompressing it and scanning the files inside.

Now, on a PC, this would be 50% speed for each.

But this is a Mac.

Mac multitasking sucks.

It couldn't have been getting more than 25% speed.

blah. I hate macs :P

(note: I realize this particular bit of bad design wasn't exactly the fault of Mac in general, it was the moron who set the system up. And I realize that MacOSX has no problems with multitasking. I still don't like 'em though.)

(And, just as I finish writing this, it finishes decompressing. Guess what it decides to do? That's right - scan it for viruses! AGAIN!)
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