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There's something wrong.

I look through these logs, and . . . there's something just plain *wrong* about them. Like how she was trying just as hard as I was to keep it working. I can see that now, I don't know if I could then or not. And then she says she *did* want to make it work - and still *does*. Or does did. If that makes sense. "Wish it could've worked." Note that this is, like, a mere month ago. Less than a month ago.

So what on earth *happened*?

I need to talk to her, or I think I need to talk to her. I just have to know what happened . . . if it really is Murphy, if she really can't forgive a series of honest mistakes . . . and, I don't know, I'm not just trying to get back together with her, or maybe I am. I just have to know what happened. And, sigh, I STILL love her . . . and maybe it could work.

I'm probably wrong. But I have to know.
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