Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

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149518018(03:55 AM) :
hey hon, i did a icq member search and i found your icq# 598331... i didnt know whether or not i should send u a message but i liked your details:)

Zorba the Hutt(03:57 AM) :
the real question is, are you a porn bot? :P

ShowGirl(03:57 AM) :
What, I'm offended

Zorba the Hutt(03:58 AM) :
in that case you're *really* innocent. :) there are a ton of porn spam bots on ICQ.
Zorba the Hutt(03:58 AM) :
I'm actually thinking about leaving the network for that exact reason.

ShowGirl(03:59 AM) :
What, I'm offended

Zorba the Hutt(03:59 AM) :
does the phrase "turing test" mean anything to you? :P

ShowGirl(04:00 AM) :
What, I'm offended
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