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}a{.}d{. The warfare was started inside 2101.
Reduction: What happens, me?
Mechanic: United States set by a troublesome army song the bomb.
Communication possibility: We get a signal.
Reduction: What!
Communication possibility: The screen which is important goes round above.
Reduction: You! Is,!
Cat: You shoes company! Is and as it peels all,!
Cat: All your foundation the father belongs in United States.
Cat: In the destruction which spreads out it is a method, c.
Reduction: You! What it talks!
Cat: It spreads out to live, I do not have your hour which manufactures a chance.
Cat: Helicopter attack helicopter attack helicopter attack helicopter attack....
Reduction: It falls, angle ' ZIG '! Have and go!
Reduction: When it does, it spreads out your what, it holds.
Reduction: It moves, ' ZIG '.
Reduction: For a company one process.


} A {. } {. Fight started in 2101.
Decrease: Something happens, me?
the millwright: The United States put in place the bomb with the song of the difficult troop.
Communication possibility: We obtain the signal.
Decrease: What!
Communication possibility: The screen goes in addition to being important.
Decrease: You!
There is a cat: You strike the horseshoe at the company! That all skin solid simultaneously,!
There is a cat,: Your fundamental everything the father belongs in the United States.
Cat: With destruction as for that it spreads it is decrease of method namely
C: You! What which that speaks!
Cat: That me your time which it does not have produces the chance which spreads in order to live.
Cat: Attack of helicopter of attack of helicopter of attack of helicopter of attack of helicopter....
decrease: That goes down the angular ' ZIG '! Having, go!
Decrease: The time, that something which is grasped you expands that.
Decrease: That moves ' the ZIG '.
Decrease: For company 1 process.


that's enough, I think :P
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