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1) If you need the computer, and I'm using it, the appropriate thing to do is to ask to use the computer. Not to seethe inwardly and eventually yell at me for monopolizing it.

2) Logging you off LiveJournal does not count as disrespecting your life. You can log on again. No, really, you can, I'll even show you how. I admit that with the speed the free servers had at that point it might have taken five minutes or so. But, then again, you wouldn't really be able to use LJ anyway at that point.

3) You can yell at me for making everything into an argument if you'd like. I'd prefer it if you didn't do so immediately after starting an argument with me, especially with the line "No, that's not what you said" or close relatives. If you must use that line, please tell me what the appropriate non-argumentative reply is. (Disagreeing is not it, apparently, and neither is agreeing.)

4) Speaking of which, things are not only arguments when you're losing. If you're going to say "no arguments", you'd better be prepared to have to drop it even when you think you're right.

5) You might not be right.

6) It's quite possible to just stop listening and walk away, a fact which I have demonstrated for you many many times. You should take a hint.

7) If I ever mention living at my mom's again for any period of time, everyone reading this has full right to smack me. (Not hard, if it's in person.) There's only one reason I'm staying here right now, and that's because I might want some privacy later on in the week, which, ironically, I can only get here at the moment.

After this week?

Never again.
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