January 18th, 2001


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Life is dull . . . I find myself wondering if anyone's ever gonna read this. Ah well. Drop me a comment if you do, just to let me know that someone's out there :P

So. Anyway.

What's been going on, Zorba?

Same ol' same ol'. Programming, games. Vagrant Story. Beating up lots of monsters. Getting annoyed at having to identify stuff. Nicely built game, but it has some problems - too much weapon swapping. Too, too much. Look, I don't care *who* you are, you're not going to stop mid-battle to put away your sword'n'shield, pull out a spear, and swap five gems around. It just plain ain't gonna happen. Ah well.

Ostrich is getting near to the next stage, when I get to implement that shift-reduce parser.

Anything else?


I find myself mildly impressed that this program is smart enough to detect the track name from the ModPlug player. Even if I did have to reformat it for it to make any sense.
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