February 18th, 2001


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Lines from the Nields CD I recently got that make me sigh and remember her . . .

Jeremy Newborn Street:
"this time I won't run away / I'll be true to my word"

"tell me I'm beautiful / I promise I'll believe you this time"

This Town Is Wrong:
"by morning we'll be long gone / on the run / city bound / I know someone / I'm sure we could stay in her apartment"
"angela, spread your wings and be gone"

Maybe It's Love:
"it's okay / you suddenly say / maybe it's love"

May Day Cafe:
"my happiness depends on it / my sanity depends on it"

Caroline Dreams:
"if she doesn't wake up / won't her dreams come true? / she'll be free"

(I didn't notice anything in the Barbie Poem.)
(Why is it spelled Barbi? Isn't it supposed to be Barbie? Copyright issues, I believe. The US is a strange place sometimes.)

One Hundred Names:
"every morning you love me just the same"

Mr Right Now:
"he doesn't try / he says 'I'm leaving and you'll have to follow me / or say goodbye'"
"all these things that you wanna call me don't mean nothing if you don't wanna call me"

Jack the Giant Killer:
"yesterday I was afraid but that's over / that's over"

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry:
(do I really need to say anything here?)

Mercy House:
"think of all the stories you'll tell"

(Nothing in Keys to the Kingdom that I noticed)

(geez, where to start?)
"and I don't know why I'm here / I only know that this is true / that with every single passing day / I will always miss you / forever"
"and this feels like a mistake / and I feel that someone's missing / and I see that it is me / and it's you I should be kissing / forever"
(yes, I just quoted half the song)

I Still Believe in My Friends:
"I've seen shadows down the road / and baby, it's cold"
"I never wanted to be much of a martyr"
"and I can't carry you anymore / what doesn't kill you will make you stronger / I'm not dead yet so I must be stronger"
"counting all the moments I can sit alone with you in the dark"
"one is better than none / it's better than none"
and finally . . .
"and I don't know whether I believe in me / but I still believe in my friends"

guess that says it all, really . . . thanks all. you know who you are.
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