February 24th, 2001


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I keep thinking . . . she needed me, and maybe I should have been there more for her. But I needed her, and maybe she should have been there more for me. And I don't really know . . . we both made mistakes, right? I think so, at least. I keep wanting to apologize again . . . but then I remember that I did, and that she didn't. so . . . does she understand what happened? Does she agree that we both made mistakes? And if not, what does that mean?

Assuming that we're both equally logical, reasonable, and understanding, the fact that I apologized and she didn't would indicate that it's more my fault than hers. Without that assumption, well . . . I really don't know, and I doubt I ever will.

"hey girl, shivering cold / hungry for something, or someone to hold"
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