March 11th, 2001


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there's a couple living next to me in a single - male and female. I think technically it's his room, and she's just living with him. I went to the bathroom, and when I came back, I was walking behind him - coincidence. I think he was going to bed and had just gone for water or to brush his teeth or something. He turned to go into his room, and I glanced inside. There was some music playing, and the light was medium brightness. She was sitting on the side, reading something. It was . . . just . . . they're happy together.
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It has occured to me how much of my life revolves around assumptions. Comp sci especially.

Good object-oriented program design starts with the assumption that each part works, and you build from there. Since A works, B works. Since B works, C works. Since C works, D and E work. Of course, if it turns out C doesn't work, then you just broke D and E also - but once you fix C, D and E start working again.

Conversely, good security design starts with the assumption that each part *doesn't* work. The webserver *will* be hacked. How can we make sure the hackers can't get access to our credit card records? Well, we need to keep the records on a different computer, with very limited communication with the webserver. There's no reason the webserver would need the credit card records, therefore we scan the requests it's sending and we don't let it get any.

I am certain this has some bearing on my life. I do not know what.