March 25th, 2001


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snow outside - very light. Looks like frosting. Just spent a few hours cleaning my room - oooh, floor space :) that'll stop soon.

Working on gamelike stuff. It now runs in 16-bit color, something the previous version never did. Geez, I *have* been getting better. I just look at it and say, "whoa, this works. And I know how. And it's the product of maybe a few hours of work." Took a week to get as far as I have last time. Next: file manager. Done right this time :) Then text, then DirectInput, then, dunno what next. Mouse input perhaps. Something I never even considered last time.

Why do I keep thinking she might be there at the airport? That sort of thing only happens in stories.

Jenn's gonna be setting up a livejournal. HI JENN! I'll get her on my friends list as soon as I can :)

My mom seems to be actually interested in me making chainmail. I might be able to get wire winding supplies from her :) And even wire. Rock on.

Seem to be in a reasonable mood today. I'm sure that'll change by tomorrow :P
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