March 28th, 2001


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The chainmail in Black Adder isn't. It's cloth with a chainmailesque pattern on it. I can tell because it just plain doesn't hang the right way - then they did a closeup of his face and it was dead-obvious, of course. Some of the chainmail is, and I can point it out, and a good deal of it isn't.

Still haven't heard a thing from her - ICQ'ed and email'ed. She's being hard-to-find. I'll call her tomorrow or something.

Life is dull as yet. I've mostly been doing yardwork and traipsing about the city errand-wise. Dull dull dull. I also have the annoying nagging feeling that I'm only here for the aformentioned yardwork - being both taller than and significantly stronger than my mom means that I'm stuck pulling down branches and stuff. So it goes.

I probably should've just stayed at Oberlin. There's no real reason for me to be here . . . though it's nice to be able to get chainmail supplies, I suppose.

50lbs of wire is a lot of wire.

(no subject)

Bah. It's always annoying when your instant-messaging service loses connection right when you're going to say goodbye to someone - I mean, yes, you *were* just saying "okay, leaving now" but at least you'd let them know, right? Or you were planning to. Sorry Sarah, murphy's against me.

And while I realize I could have just logged on again, I decided to complain about it instead :P bah. Why can't the connections be a little more robust? In *theory*, internet stream connections are uncorruptable and uninterruptable, except by a total physical connection failure. I think. In practice . . . faugh :) Never works as well as in theory.

Once again, in theory, it's impossible to corrupt files transferred by any sane transfer protocol.

In practice, a program that I designed to assist in the repair of damaged files has been downloaded over 7,000 times as of last count.

Now, bed.