April 6th, 2001


insert keanu reeves impression here

She was flattered - I mean, actually flattered. Just how cool is *that*? I mean, even if she says no . . . she's having to think about it, so okay, it's not an instant yes, but it's not an instant no either! that rocks :)

For those who aren't good at picking out things I'm not saying - I asked a girl I've known for about two years out yesterday. (over the internet. I've never met her. She lives in Toronto. Many of my friends are probably going "you asked HER out? are you suicidal or something?" But geez, she's cool!) anyway. She's currently afk - she didn't explicitly say it was because she needed to think about it, but the timing's too suspicious otherwise.

Even if she says no . . . I'm still happy that she was flattered . . . it feels unbelievably good :)
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