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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Friday, April 27th, 2001
so, yeah. forgot I'd get a chance to write and check LJ tonight.

Although I don't really have anything to say. So goes it.

Tomorrow . . . I'll see the gang, I'll see the Slayers group . . .

. . . I'll see the person who I was eager to spend the rest of my life with, mere months ago . . .

Geez. It's almost . . . four months. Four months. That's almost as long as we were *together* . . .

In the airport (this is paraphrased, btw):

mom: "So, how are you doing in classes?"
me: "well . . . okay, I think."
mom: "Are you having trouble in any?"
me: "well, a few I don't know exactly how well I'm doing. But, c'mon, if I pass even one it's probably better than I was fated to. This hasn't been the easiest semester."
mom: "Why not?"
me: "um, Naria and Heronblue*."
mom: "Oh, come on, you can't say that breaking up with Naria is still affecting you! You got over that *months* ago!"
me: (trying very hard not to completely break up laughing)

yeah, months ago, sure. That would explain why I went upstairs to me room and all I could remember was sitting on my bed, holding her and crying and telling her how it felt to me, and then afterwards thinking that maybe she'd actually understood and we were still going to be together, and after remembering all this all I could do was sit there and try to compose myself enough to go back downstairs with coathangers . . .

yeah. "over it" . . . sure.

* The way my mind works with names and identifiers is based on context, in case you're wondering. Yes, when I'm talking online in a context where "heronblue" applies, I use "heronblue". Since that's your name on LJ, I use it on LJ. To me, on LJ, you're *not* Claire, you're heronblue :P And she's Naria online (yeah, anywhere online). This has the side effect of keeping me from revealing someone's name if they don't want me to. I'm reasonably sure you don't mind because it's been posted in your journal pretty often, and I don't really mind, but it's a reflex.

and *don't* feel bad about leaving! You had to. And I'll survive. And partially the reason for mentioning you there is it functioned as a handy excuse :)

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