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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2001
woo! Sakuracon pics are up! :)

http://www.fansview.com/2001/sakuracon/sa2001.htm - note the bar on the side. Each day goes to a selection of categories, each category goes to a lot of pages. There are a TON of pics. A few highlights: here (on the right) is a very cool costume. Probably really cool, I'm not surprised she stayed indoors :P Here is someone I know. She says she was in costume, but I sure don't recognize it, though she put on Battle Angel Alita facepaint later on. (the badge is the convention badge, not costumewear.) Lina Inverse! And here's Xellos. Both of them were here last year as part of the accidental Slayers troupe. Xellos didn't have purple hair or the staff last year. You can see the duct tape on the staff - emergency repairs :) Let's just say it's hollow and made from nothing very substantial. Hrm. Totoro, some of the many cat-girls. DOH! Someone did Gene Starwind before I did! not a great costume though. Poke-Mon invades! (three seperate links there. hoo boy.) Costumes can get rather elaborate. Some of them, on the other hand, were *ahem* minimal. Dunno who these are, but they're probably related. Well, somebody had to be a tentacle. Juri and Miki and Utena and Miki and Nanami and Utena and Miki and Anthy and Utena and a black rose duelist. There was a Touga, but there's no picture. I'm not pasting the Vashes, Ryogas, or assorted Sailor Scouts. Curiously enough, this is actually a near-perfect costume. Whoa! Someone got Ryoko's hair right! I dunno who this is. This, on the other hand, is one sweet plug-suit - and here is an "after" picture. Pity it's not the same cosplayer. That would be really spooky. (like it isn't creepy enough already.) I've never seen anyone cosplaying Tenchi's battle gear before. Here's the guy who was Gourry last year. Now he's Zelgadis. He better not try Zangulus, that one's mine :) (pity there are no pics of me here. yes, this many and they STILL missed people.) Hah. They've got the Reis together for a comparison shot. Okay, I know I said no Sailor Scouts, but just look at this one - and then this one. Kawaii! Some costumes are dangerous. This isn't just for kids, folks . . . and you feel a lot of sympathy for her when you realize she was probably staring down a good two hundred people. The Hooded Avenger, folks! Looks like he was making a quick getaway (same two hundred people!) I think this guy is cosplaying Cactaur. Nice ears. Nice . . . holy moly. I didn't see the first one in person before. The second one, well, I've already mentioned him. I think it's a him. Yes, the other costume is accurate too. Ah, I guess it is a him. The other one isn't, though.

Sheesh. Didn't mean to paste that much. Well, it's still only maybe a tenth of the photos on that site :P Highly recommended viewing, folks, especially the ones after Zelgadis. Anyway, that's all for the night :)

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8:50p - bleah
being sick sucks. I suppose I should have expected it. "Let's go be in close proximity with almost two thousand people from all over the country! Then let's go to Texas. Twice. And be in close proximity to 200 people, four times, from who-knows-where. I bet we'll pick up all *sorts* of interesting diseases!" faugh. Still, it sucks, and I ended up missing a test. Which is possibly slightly for the better, because the teacher's Handy-Dandy Study Guide didn't load on my computer. Stupid Microsoft-centric classes - not all of us have Microsoft Word, ya know!

current mood: irked

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