May 7th, 2001


hee hee

Well, I'm playing around with Fallout Tactics - for anyone who doesn't know (and you all should!) the Fallout series is, basically, the best computer-style RPG around. And they don't pull punches either. I'd like to see Square make a game where you can make money by becoming a prostitute. Or by making porn vids. (The amount of money you make is determined by your charisma - except when your charisma gets really high, in which case your agility starts being factored in as well. I'm not making this up.)

So anyway. I tend to play as a female character, for, well, I could probably invent a half-dozen reasons, but I don't really know why, I just do. I've just freed a bunch of tribals from a raider band, and one of the random speech things one of them says as I'm walking around looking for loot is "Hey, you're pretty cute".

Well, I'm used to this. I *am* playing a female character, after all, and some NPCs just want to get into my pants.

Then I realize that the NPC that said this is female.

Hee hee. Yeah, Fallout puts these sorts of little surprises in all over the place. Admittedly, just the fact that I notice this (and have to write an LJ entry about it) shows that homosexuality - even for me - does not occupy the same space as heterosexuality. But still, it's funny.

Now, if I only knew whether it was intentional or a mistake.

(and my charisma's only five! sheesh. maybe it's the fact that I've got body armor on and are carrying an Uzi.)
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whee! funny music.

Last night . . .
Jesus called me! (on the phone.)
I was surprised.
This morning . . .
He called . . . again!
And he said:
Why don't we do some boogie-voogie.
(at this point it degenerates into singing about boogie-voogie in an astonishingly dense accent so I can't understand it, but is basically saying "let's do some boogie-voogie (cha cha cha)" and variations.)

Interesting thing of the day: The Red Elvises are playing live in Seattle in a month :) Not like I'm likely to be there since it's in a tavern and all. But, hey. Guess they're west-coast, judging by this. Someday when I'm old enough to get in to a bar I'll have to go to a live show :D

And the man on the right has a very big guitar.
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From the log of an afterhours messaging service operator . . .

Technology will never be able to overcome human stupidity. In one of their few efforts to provide more reliable cable, one of the companies fitted their equpiment with a temperature sensor to alert the office in case of an overheat. The only problem is, they failed to program it to give us any useful information concerning its point of origin, and since, after hours, we receive calls from every city that company services, the manchine could be located in any one of several hundred cities. All night long, we would occasionally receive a call from this machine, with its Speak-N-Spell voice, informing us of an overheat, in some desperate cry for help. This was both sad and quite eerie in its own way.

snicker. Look, people, if you're building some new high-tech gadget, THINK about it!
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