May 10th, 2001


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Gaaah. I know the people who I eat dinner with have been subject to second-hand ravings of this person who works at an after-hours messaging service. I've been thinking recently that I ought to make one of my own. One of the latest stellar quotes . . .

"any1 knows where can i find a c++ code that builds a hash table for a binary tree and sorts it ? or any other method i can use to sort a binary tree ?"

now I realize this will mean little, so I'll try to translate it with an appropriate analogy . . .

"Anyone know how I can modify my airplane to be submersible? I want it to fly."

@#%$. Binary trees are sorted by definition, and hash tables AREN'T. gaaaah.

now there's someone in here using the "shoehorn" method of parameter passing. "Well, I'm trying to pass it this parameter, but it says it's invalid. How do I make it accept it?" You don't, you moron, you pass it the right thing to begin with. GAAH.

*bonk* *bonk* *bonk*

sometimes I really wonder why exactly I keep helping out in there, it's probably shortening my mental life expectancy drastically.

I'm more annoyed with stuff like this than I usually am, I suppose, but there have been a large number of people who argue with me on how a function works when I'm staring straight at the documentation page (yes, [out] means output), so maybe I just started off with the wrong group of people :/

At least I'm listening to new music.
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Ozy and Millie ROCKS.

This particular strip makes only slightly more sense when you realize that his dad is a dragon.
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. . . she never *did* trust me. Not when I told her she actually *was* pretty, not when I said I cared about her more than anything . . .

sheesh, not even when I said I'd find a way to get to the bus station.

(Stupid grapes. They've gone all sour.)