May 11th, 2001


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Marketing-speak at its best:

"Compared to the Intel® Pentium® III processor, Intel® NetBurst micro-architecture doubles the pipeline depth to 20 stages. This significantly increases the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor's performance and frequency capability."

"Frequency capability" - read as "we can increase the MHz insanely without actually having to make the chip any faster". It's a fact that a 400MHz G3 beats out a 1400MHz P4 in almost every task so far . . . although this is partially true because nobody's written P4-optimized software or compilers yet. It remains to be seen just how good the P4 is once compilers can handle it well.

Ah, marketing . . . would you rather have a 1400MHz P4 or a 1000MHz Athlon? Well, just the context of the question should tell you - the Athlon's better :) And cheaper. Ain't marketing grand . . .

why I program

for that moment when you put everything together, all those little scraps of code, and suddenly realize that the program has grown so large that you can't actually comprehend the entire thing anymore. You can consciously trace the flow, of course, but you write something like "fin.request( 120 );" and while you know what it will do (prepare "fin" for full use in 120 ticks) you don't actually know exactly how anymore.

And then you hit "run" and it all works beautifully.

Aww jeah.

Imagine a room-sized machine, made entirely of watch gears, that runs noiselessly and amazingly fast . . . sweet ^^

Now, of course, I have to get it to do more. I *still* don't have text output or keyboard input :P