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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2001
Towel day. Spread the word. Post it on your LJ account if you've got people reading it who don't read mine :) Believe me, I won't mind a little repetition for this particular reason . . .

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2:11p - eve and EVE
Okay, so the subject sucks. First eve, the lowercase one:


Posters all around campus. It's a talk being given somewhere (actually, it might already have happened). This is definitely one of those cases of Read What You're Writing, Moron. It just doesn't sound like they were expecting . . .

And EVE - a while back I ran across a very cool-looking game, and subscribed to their newsletter. Their newsletter is astonishingly infrequent, so every time it shows up I have to remember what it is, and I go "whoa, cool!" And here it is. Check out those screenshots. They're astonishing. I want this game!

I'm still debating with myself whether the ultimate form of The Game will be 2d or 3d. I still haven't decided . . . the fact is that 3d is just plain a lot prettier. But there are some very cool things I can do in 2d that just plain wouldn't work in 3d . . . sigh. I'll work it out, maybe. Anyway, this looks like the closest thing to the game I want to make that's around, though it's not even close to what I want yet . . . keep an eye on it :)

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This picture convinces me. Not the picture itself, but the concepts. My game's gonna have to be 3d.

Imagine: You in a small fighter, attacking that ship. An escort frigate pursuing you - a high-speed medium-manueuverability model, with turrets. You're getting beaten on - you fly up to that ship, and through the small hole on the center. The frigate miscalculates clearance and clips the side . . . the freighter starts breaking in two . . .

The possibilities are just too good. Captains will have a full-3d Homeworldish perspective, I think. Fighter pilots will, well, they'll have that view also if they want it, but I expect most will go for an in-cockpit perspective.

The first version will still be 2d tho :)

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In C, the algorithm main loop looks like this:

while (len--)
byte t = (r >> 24) & 0xFF;
r = (r << 8) | *p++;

where len is the length of the augmented message in bytes, p points to
the augmented message, r is the register, t is a temporary, and table
is the computed table. This code can be made even more unreadable as

r=0; while (len--) r = ((r << 8) | *p++) ^ t[(r >> 24) & 0xFF];
mmmm, unreadable code ^^

the funny thing - that line is actually in a very long paper on CRCs. Who said compsci people didn't have a sense of humor? :)

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11:07p - an angel without wings can hardly fly

current mood: wingless

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