May 26th, 2001


kevin smith movies

. . . and, grrr, movies aren't like real life.

(Note: If you haven't seen 'em, don't keep reading. Unless you don't mind having the plot spoiled. And note that the plot really isn't the greatest thing about these movies.)

Examples: Clerks. There is some hope, at the end, that maybe he can patch things up. That maybe he can get together with his ex, that maybe the other girl will get better . . . and he says he'll go visit her, and I bet she'll at least remember. (okay, yes, I'm extrapolating. how would *you* feel about a movie in which he goes to visit a girl in the hospital, multiple times, and she doesn't remember?)

Mallrats. Yeah, they break up - both thems. And they get back together, because really, they *are* in love. Contrast: reality, where love fades long before the breakup. Sometimes. (And usually at least there's a consistent definition of love in movies. You don't have two people saying "I love you" and meaning completely different things, now, do you?)

Chasing Amy . . . like I even have to go into this one? Okay, maybe I do. Maybe this one's closest to reality. They break up for stupid reasons, and neither of them wants to, but . . .

feh. or maybe that one isn't, now that I think about it. well, okay, it is. perhaps. but not the reality I'm thinking about.

I think this post has changed tone since I started writing it . . .

Ya know what? Being a hopeless romantic sucks. conversation earlier in which one person made a comment the gist of which was:

"You know, I could really use a casual summer fling."

At which point it was observed that that particular person probably wasn't capable of anything casual.

And while that person wasn't *me* . . . well, geez, it may as well have been . . .

stupid vicious circle. I need a serious girlfriend who's willing to help me repair myself again. Yet, in this state, the chance of attracting someone who would care enough and want to be with me that seriously is low. And someone who's just casual would . . .

Casual things end.

(So do serious things. Okay, so much for that chain of logic.)
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