June 5th, 2001



A while back, I met this girl named Anna. She had a good sense of humor and was basically fun to be around. We got to be good friends, and went to each other's houses a few times. One day she was talking about this new computer game she'd been playing, and she brought it over. I put the floppy in and tried it out.

The game was ZZT, and the date was . . . a very long time ago, I remember I was trying it on my dad's girlfriend's new 386/16 (so much faster than my mom's trusty 286!) ZZT was the first game I ever played where you could edit it - in fact, you could *really* edit it, it even came with a built-in scripting system. Nothing too sophisticated, nothing like what you see with UnrealScript or QuakeC or anything, but it was *something*.

I think that game may be highly responsible for my current state of game addiction and creation addiction . . . and thus, Anna is too. Which leads me to the next subject:

I need to track her down somehow! Even if it's just to say hi . . . and, hey, she's my age, maybe she's still cool ^^ okay, that's wishful thinking. But . . . yeah. It'd be nice to see how she's doing.

The problem . . . I lost contact with her shortly afterwards. Which was a LONG time ago. I know it was pre-Northwest School. Which means at LEAST nine years ago. And ZZT was released in 1991, so, between nine and ten years ago . . . this is gonna be tough.

I wonder if she'll even remember me. Probably not. I don't know why I still remember her . . . I only remember one or two isolated scenes, but . . . hey.

This is one of those days I have a lot I want to write, but want to do it not all at once because I don't want any particular part to risk getting lost in the rest. Future topics: racing and Hell. Would someone bug me on AIM in a day or two? Better yet, bug Tira, since that's likely to be me :)

Oh, and go read this.

user explosion!

Oh, one other comment - I seem to have been trolling the LJ-waves for friends recently, as I now have (counts) six more in the space of maybe a week. Many of whom update often. Gak, entry overload! But I don't mind at all 'cause they're interesting people ^^ The part I find mildly strange is that three of them have added me to *their* friends list, on the basis of, like, one or two replies. And maybe them browsing the journal.

I mean, yes, I'm setting a total double standard here - it's perfectly reasonable for me to add them, but they'd have to be insane to add me - but, I mean, *still*! It's a bit weird - I'm not used to people actually being even mildly interested in me ;)

And now I see that someone has come *completely* out of nowhere and added me. Like, utterly out of nowhere.

And, wow, her profile rocks ^^ as usual, her interests list reminds me of half a dozen things I need to add to mine . . . well, time to add another friend ;)

I need to start colorcoding.

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whee, colors! My friends page looks pretty now ^^ even though I don't have all my friends colored yet. Well, I'll get to it.

If you're curious as to why you got a certain color, ask and I'll try to figure it out. Very few of them were conscious choices, I think ;)

How to tell your software is respected - when someone refers to a *different* program as a clone of yours. Yeah, that's right, mine is the *original* ^^ And Google has no less than *nine* references to it! Aww jeah. (at this writing. This stat changes daily, I think :P) Dunno what's with the weird capitalization people are using, tho.
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