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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Monday, June 11th, 2001
I gotta go through this journal and add entries to "memories".

That'll take a while.

Geez! What kind of connection does Oberlin *have* right now? I have the feeling they downgraded their connection for the summer so they wouldn't have to pay as much . . . but with the speed my mail is accessing at, they're probably using a modem. On AOL. Sheezus.

When I was at Tira's, I thought the reason it was going at modem-on-AOL speed was because I was on a modem, through AOL. But here I've got a cable modem, and last night I downloaded a video my mom wanted to see at 180k/s. So I know it ain't me.

Amusing note: Dragon Court runs the same speed on this computer as it did on Tira's. The lack of CPU power almost perfectly balances the much higher bandwidth.

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Go to the main LJ page and search Livejournal for a username that doesn't exist (at the top-right.)

Cute error message ^^

mmm. doth.

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10:09p - making waste heat work for you
Apparently the IBM lab in Silicon Valley uses the waste heat from its main computer room (which is apparently about an acre) to heat the rest of the lab (eight four-story towers). Now that's smart.

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10:19p - grrrr
I'd forgotten some of the more annoying aspects of living with my mom. Example:

At the airport, on floor 4 (this being the skybridge level) and going up to floor 6 (since we discovered, at my prodding, that it's actually incredibly easy to find great parking spaces above floor 5, since 99% of the people who park comb the lower floors besides giving up and going to the higher floors. Why not just skip floors 1 through 5 and go straight up to where there are perhaps two cars for every thirty parking spaces?) Anyway. At the airport, floor 4.

mom> We're parked over there, near the elevators, on floor 6.
me> Okay. (starts walking towards elevators)
mom> Wait. What floor are we on?
me> We're on floor 4.
mom> Oh. We need to be on floor 6. (starts looking around)
me (patiently)> That's what the elevators are for.

And then there was, just a few minutes ago, when she was telling me about something interesting and I noticed that the cat was licking her plate, which I pointed out to her. Turned out it was okay, she'd put it there for him, but she started talking something about why she'd put it down (yes, this is actually a more complex subject than you'd think) but since I didn't really care why she'd put the plate down, I tried to get her back on the other subject, which she got angry at me for . . .

And, of course, just a few seconds ago - "Mom, wanna hear something funny?" "No."

Yep, she's sulking. And here I thought she was supposed to be *more* mature than I was?

Entry tonight, likely: Good Will Hunting. Note for myself so I can find the bit I'm referring to: negative 4:39. (had to rewind the tape first. and there's another movie on it.)

current mood: frustrated

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