June 20th, 2001


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<ZorbaTHut> aerith! ^^
<Aerith_Ga> hi-hi ZOrbie!
<ZorbaTHut> how goes it? did you get the computer working?
<Aerith_Ga> zorbie:comp is working ok
<Aerith_Ga> Zorbie:the NIC was dead :P
<ZorbaTHut> *blink* and that killed the install? doh.
<Aerith_Ga> Zorbie:I dunno :P You know me and comps. THey don't mix well >_<;
<ZorbaTHut> eh, you seem to do pretty well.
<ZorbaTHut> I'm about dead-certain that you're getting a lot better, too :)
* ZorbaTHut has a few amusing quotes in a file . . .^^;;
<Aerith_Ga> Zorbie:you pull that quote of the pliers and you're a dead neko :P
<Aerith_Ga> Zorbie:True, more you play with it it becomes pressed into the mind and helps to work out probs later if I can rememeber it
<Aerith_Ga> ZOrbie:I just like a comp thta works. I'm not a techie like you or tom or usenf or nito or etc in the chan all crazy about the tech. If it works I'm fine with it. If I can play a game and see what I'm doing I'm ok. I'm quite flex ^_^;
* Aerith_Ga just woke up:P
<ZorbaTHut> eh, I'm not all that tech-crazy . . . tho it is nice to be able to play with the hardware.
<ZorbaTHut> incidentally, I'm quoting that line up there after me commenting about amusing quotes ;)
<ZorbaTHut> *grin* saved.
* ZorbaTHut will never *quite* let you live that one down . . . ;)
<Aerith_Ga> Zorbie: ....>_<; True. I was just starting out then.
<ZorbaTHut> it's understandable. and, hey, you did better then . . . I knew someone who managed to bend a bit of her case a little, and basically decided right then and there that it was irreversibly busted.
<Aerith_Ga> Zorbie:Ackhem. "Her" seems like guys think we're not competent enough to work with comps >_<;
<ZorbaTHut> *laugh* hardly. She was a tech genius, she could've been one of the best I've ever met if she just trusted herself a little more.
<ZorbaTHut> in fact, she got angry at me for the same reasons - one of the very first conversations we had, she took offense because I wanted to make sure she knew what overclocking was :P
<Aerith_Ga> Zorbie: Oww...nice first impression move you tried >_<;
<ZorbaTHut> hey, wasn't *my* fault! I was designing her a computer at the time, and she didn't have enough experience at that point to know what she wanted!
<ZorbaTHut> and it can't have been *that* bad. she was my first-and-so-far-only girlfriend for six months, starting about a month after that :/
<ZorbaTHut> yeah. if only she'd just trusted more . . . bah. better get off this mental track before I get depressed :P
<Aerith_Ga> Woo..hoo..wining in CS!
<ZorbaTHut> CS == counterstrike?
<Aerith_Ga> yup
<ZorbaTHut> cool :) I'd want to join you, but I don't have a copy and this computer couldn't run it if I did.
<ZorbaTHut> sigh. afk for a minute.

Here's the latest draft of the letter. any suggestions? I probably won't do little tweaks, though I suppose I might rewrite the thing completely.
(her name) -

I don't know how to write this, or what I want to say, or even if you care for that matter. I don't know if you're thinking "oh good, I wanted to talk to him but hadn't gotten around to it", or "wonderful, he doesn't hate me", or "sheesh, this guy again" or "can't he just take a hint and leave me alone".

I still care about you, and I want to be friends. And, no, I don't know if I can handle it right now. Or ever. But I want to try.

And maybe you do still care about me. I don't know. I fell for you when I told you things I had never told anyone else, that I never thought I'd be able to tell anyone. So maybe it's appropriate that I show you everything you haven't seen so far.

I've enclosed the latest copy of my logfile, and a link to my online journal, which has basically supplanted the logfile recently, though not entirely. Once again, I give you the power to severely damage my life. So it goes. The online journal will, obviously, be continued to be updated as time goes on.

If you want to get in contact . . . let me know. If you don't respond, I may try one or two more times on the assumption that this got lost or corrupted, so if you really never want to hear from me again, tell me, and I'll never bother you again.

I guess that's it. I don't even know why I want to contact you so much, since I don't know what we could possibly talk about, but . . . eh. there are musings on this in my online journal. Sorry it's so long.

If you don't want to talk to me . . . well . . . I guess that's it then. Good luck with your life.

-(my name)
Sorry for the long midnight depressed entries lately . . .

sigh. tonight's not gonna be fun. :(

wonder if aerith's ever gonna read this for some reason . . .
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this. 505 matches. At least one person I know. And how many people who probably should be on that list, except that they don't want people worrying about them as much?

The world sucks.

And no, I won't do it myself, you don't have to worry. I'll . . . just wish I didn't know that things will get better, so I might, and thus end it all.

But I won't, because I do.

(bah. I bet my ex is just gonna think I'm guilt-tripping her.)
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hah. about to make a phone call to someone I'm trying to get a job with. My mom's in the room, and whenever I'm talking to someone important she usually comes over and starts trying to tell me what to say, with the end effect that I can't hear either of them and I have to tell the Important Person "hold on a sec, I have to tell my mom to go away".

Solution: go to my mom. "I'm going to call the guy about the job now."
"Don't heckle."
(Great. yeah. like that's gonna work. Idea!) "If you heckle, you owe me twenty dollars."
"Seriously. It's the heckle charge."
". . . I'll go downstairs."

Problem solved! :)
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all praise really enormously huge video rental places

Scarecrow video is a HUGE video rental store in Seattle that I believe I will rave about for a minute. They are so big that they have everything. Yes, everything. In fact, they now stock unlocked Japanese import anime DVDs. Their anime selection alone has passed 3000 titles. Now, look at this. Notice the section on the right marked "d"? That's their anime selection. Yes, there are 3000 titles in there. Think about how big the whole *place* is. Alternatively, go here and pan around a little. It's a lousy camera position though :/ (And yes, that's a cutout Picard in the corner.)

They have a search option on their page - I'd be impressed if anyone could find a video they *don't* have. Well, okay, not *that* impressed - but it'd still take some work.

Nice place.

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this has shown up on my friends list three times in the last half-week. I'm kinda amused by it - of course, I took the test and marveled at its accuracy. Then got suspicious and started answering "wrong". Hey, whaddaya know! It's still accurate :P

I vaguely remember going through there and tallying up all the answers based on how much I agreed with them, and got about an 80% success ratio. And then of course the one or two that are wrong get passed off as "well, it's not *perfect*". Nice bit of social engineering.

Not *all* tests are this bad - some of them actually seem to be pretty good. This is just one of my personally most infamous examples of a test that really doesn't say anything :)

Bah. If I keep making cheerful entries, my ex is gonna think I've gotten over her completely and not bother reading the history at all :P

(note: dropping disk off tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow: downtown, Dick's (good burgers!), ex's, downtown, jewelry store, other jewelry store, home. With perhaps a stop at Twice Sold Tales to pet the cats. Used book stores with stray cats up for adoption . . . good thing.)
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The MUD my ex played is still in my mom's telnet history.

*that* came as a bit of a shock.

I'm trying to decide if adding a bunch of extraneous telnet things would be childish or not.
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