July 12th, 2001


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bah. I always feel better after writing stuff . . . then I feel bad about writing it because I might make others feel bad :/

Scene from a few minutes ago . . . humming to myself and checking my LJ friends.

For those who haven't used the LJ Friends option on the Windows client, it has a long list of people who have you as their friend as well as the people you have as your friend. If it's one-way from you to them, it's a blue arrow. If it's both ways, it's a green arrow. If it's one-way from them to you, it's a red arrow.

Red arrow.

I've *got* a few red arrows always - if you add yourself to a public community, then don't add it as a friend, you get a red arrow. I'm on lj_dev and suggestions 'cause I needed to post, and haven't removed myself because, well, why? But with the traffic on them I don't really have any reason to want to add them to friends. So I don't.

And this was way up at the top. Not L or S. This was A. Avalynn, to be precise.

Avalynn. Avalynn avalynn avalynn . . . who on earth is Avalynn? Usually when someone adds me, I can figure out why - a few have added me for friend-of-a-friend reasons, but usually I've seen them post and at least vaguely recognize them. Dead blank on Avalynn. Scan friends - no mutual friends. (Unless I missed one, but, no, just checked again.) Is she someone I know already? . . . and why does the name sound so familiar? I knew someone named Azalyn. I can't remember who it was right now - this is gonna bug me, because I just know he/she is reading my LJ and is going to say "how could you have forgotten?". Maybe on IRC. Azalyn != Avalynn. Just close. On AIM, I have someone similar . . . no, that's Aze, not Aza or Ava.

What else? Common interests? A few. Programming . . . huh. curious.

Doesn't seem to be on the support staff - at least, hasn't made any points yet.

Doesn't live anywhere near me. Doesn't live anywhere near anyone I know, I think.

Really, I'm at a total loss here. I can only assume browsing interest lists (due to my nickname, I end up at the end of almost every list there is - names that come alphabetically past Zorba aren't common) or random journal . . . but why would she add me?

Browsing her journal . . .

she sounds interesting. I'm not complaining.

And too, too similar.

She mentions she can't remember the span between 4th grade and 6th grade. I can't remember 8th grade, but I also can't remember 9th or 10th, now that I think about it - perhaps because nothing happened, but . . . is that all?

Why the time shift? Easy. If her birthdate's right, she's four years younger than I am. Minus a little over two weeks.

. . . coincidence, of course, the world doesn't do anything that obvious. Never did.

Still . . . why would she add me? You'd think the last thing she'd need is another person like me . . . Sheesh. *I* don't even like me. (subject for another journal entry, I suppose.)

She listens to Counting Crows. I don't. I've never heard them. But others of my friends do. (perhaps I should?)

I realize that the reason I'm so interested right now is because I'm lonely - the 'net is dead right now :P But . . . I *am* lonely.

. . . well, I've gotten AIMs within a day from two people I added, and she's online. Guess I'll say hi.

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The Plif people are GENIUSES.

And there are over a hundred more where those come from. Another every week. Scary. Scaryscary. How can two people be that *good*? Those stories are . . . downright impressive. And so's the comic. And disturbing. But really really impressive too.

Oh, note: if you're underage, don't go to those links. Or rather, do, but don't tell your parents, because I have no illusions about the relative maturity of the technically-underage people who read my journal vs. that of their parents.
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how do those people get so many comments?

During random-journal-browsing (which I haven't done for a few days - I already have enough friends for now :) ) I remember running across some journals that just seemed to be Really Popular. I mean, the people had six, seven, sometimes even *ten* comments on all their meaningful journal entries! And one or two on the trivial ones. How do people *get* so many comments?

And then I realized that *my* journal looks like that.

. . . how did I get so many comments?
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