July 19th, 2001


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No serious entries for a bit, perhaps. Nothing's wrong - if anything, something's right - I just don't see myself being a pinnacle of resigned philosophical knowledge anytime in the very near future.

Instead I leave you with the three following pieces of wisdom.

First, there are few things that cannot be improved by adding cheese or mustard - however, there are few things that *can* be improved by adding cheese *and* mustard.

Second, Schlock Mercenary is funny and cool. Very few comic strips spend an entire strip explaining what a dyson sphere is, and that alone makes it cool IMHO. the fact that it's also funny doesn't hurt.

Third, I've forgotten what the third thing I was going to say was.

I will keep posting - but I'm afraid these posts will probably take a step back from deep-and-meaningful and delve into the stupid, amusing, and highly technological.

Zorba-philosophical will be back when his brain has realigned, and perhaps he'll actually be able to explain this, too. At the moment, however, I have macaroni and cheese and cheese waiting, and people must have their priorities, mustn't they?
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ooh, ooh, now I remember what the third thing was!

Censors are stupid.

I don't mean just the idea of censorship, though that's pretty dumb in its own right, but censors themselves are pretty dumb also.

Here's the point where I say "anyone immature should stop reading", and don't expect anyone to stop reading because everyone that reads my journal (that I know of) is, in all ways that really count, mature.

Okay. First item, the one I've known about for quite a while, is Sailor Moon. See, there are two girls in Sailor Moon, who are, by admission of the person who created them, lesbians. (at least, that's what I remember.) And it's pretty obvious, all things considered.

Well, when they brought them to the US - we can't have LESBIANS! So they made them cousins.

Lesbian cousins.

Incestous lesbian cousins.

This really doesn't help matters any.

I mean, they didn't have a choice in the lesbian matter, because it's just so *obvious* - I suppose they could have tried to cut out every scene in which they appeared, but it wouldn't have worked too well :P So . . . results are what you see.

Second item. Here's the one I found out about recently. They're recutting Ranma so they can put it on network TV. Now, in Ranma, the main character (named Ranma. duh.) changes sex when he gets hit with cold water. As in, he turns into a girl. (And back into a guy when he gets hit with warm water.) Only everything else stays the same - what he's wearing, where he is, etc. (Quick example: there's someone else in the series - Ryoga - who turns into a pig instead. Well, at one point, Ranma's in girl-form and Ryoga is in pig-form, and for various reasons, Ranma is wearing a leotard and has Ryoga on a leash. They get hit with hot water. End result: Male Ranma, in a leotard, with a naked Ryoga on a leash. Eek.)

So. The first time he discovers this, he's needless a bit surprised - he's told he's turned into a girl, and he tears his (her?) shirt open and stares at his (her?) breasts. This being anime, this is perfectly acceptable.

Well, this ain't acceptable in the US.

So they added a bra in that scene.

. . . why on earth is Ranma wearing a bra? HE'S MALE!

somehow it just doesn't help :P

Okay. Third thing done. This is as philosophical as it's likely to get for a while, methinks. Next up: ooh, shiny thing!
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now that I think of it, the ranma-bra thing lends itself to a lot of jokes.

"When I said 'anything-goes', I didn't mean it literally."

"Now, I teach you the ancient art of Crossdressing Kung Fu!"

"It is important that you be comfortable during battle. Do whatever is necessary." "Okay."

It does, however, create a question of - why does Ranma need to borrow clothes later on? He seems to have his own wardrobe already . . .

On another subject, ow. Just got home from a temp job. Good news: made between $70 and $95 depending on rate. (minus tax.) Bad news: was about nine-and-a-half hours of basically heavy labor. Ow >_< I don't know *how* many pounds of metal I helped move.

And I'm doing it again tomorrow >_<

some people, i.e. me, just don't learn, do we?
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well, I was thinking about writing more. looks like it ain't gonna happen though. sleep for me.

And I can't even read my friends page! grrrr.

And looks like someone new has added me to their friends list. Weird, again. Though what's weirder is the two people who've been making regular comments on my journal *without* adding me to their friends list. I can only assume that they go to my page specifically. Or monitor someone *else's* friends list. How strange.

And, grr, I can't look at the new-person's journal! because LJ is downish!



smash, rend, destroy, for three minutes.

oh well. time to take a shower, methinks, then go to bed. pillow hair in my immediate future >_< will check LJ friends before bed, see if it's working. then bed.

Philosopher-Zorba will be back eventually. Don't go expecting him anytime before Monday though. It's my mind, you see. Things are happening. Not sure I can explain, so I revert to Kiki mode.

Oooh, shiny thing!

poing, poing.

The LJ client has some weird moods in its list. Think I'll use one :D
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