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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Sunday, July 29th, 2001
This Shoutcast station is currently playing a techno CD. It's apparently CD 1, known as Cool Side.

This makes me wonder. What's the reverse?

Hot Side?
Lukewarm Side?
Sucky Side?

I'll probably never know ;)

current mood: amused

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now there's a scary idea. An anime music video to a techno CD. Yes, an entire CD. Six or seven serieses oughta do it . . .

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grrr. why can something as dumb as talking about *shipping rates* depress me?

(I know why. It's because I designed a computer for my ex, and her mom thought the shipping would be several hundred, and my ex told me we had to scale down the computer because the shipping would be several hundred, and I said don't worry about it, this is Minotaur, I'd be surprised if it hit $70. And she didn't believe me, and I insisted, and said that they'd even give you the price before they shipped it and if you didn't like it you could tell them oops, sorry, I changed my mind, because this is Minotaur, and they're the best hardware dealer out there. And she still didn't believe me, but she went along with it, and shipping was around $50, and they sent her an email to make sure it was okay . . .)

Do I really come across as acting superior or anything? Because I try not to. I don't think of myself as superior. Yeah, maybe I've got a high IQ, but that just plain doesn't matter. It ain't important - I'm not "superior" because there is no such thing.

I just know a lot . . . that's all. and I know what I know. And I know that most people don't know what I know.

If I went to heronblue, and she was having computer problems, and I said she needed a defragment and showed how I knew and it was right, I'd expect her to believe me. Is this superiority? Conversely, if we were out on the beach, and she pointed to a white chunk and said it was a shark's tooth or a fossilized shell or something . . . I'd believe her. Because I don't know those things.

And what do you - the person reading this - know that I don't? Music styles? Popular artists? Clothing? Metalsmithing? Mechanics? Biology? Chemistry? Martial arts? Woodworking?

I know people pretty well. I know computers very well. I know games. In the latter two, I can reign supreme over just about any group. In the first, I consider myself quite good, but there are doubtless better. (well, there are doubtless better in the latter two also. they're just rarer.)

In everything else . . . hey, you tell me.

. . . but, really. That doesn't answer the question, because I can't answer the question, because it's about me, and I am me.

Do I act superior?

I don't *think* I do . . .

current mood: worried

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