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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Sunday, September 23rd, 2001
John said to John, "I think we make a left at the light.
"There should be a big crinkle, assuming this map is right."
John looked over and he said, "hey, no, it's not -
"it's the crumpled up wrapper from the fast food that we got."

I haven't been posting lately.

I'm not sure why that is.

I *am* still sure that I need a girlfriend.

it's just mildly annoying that everyone I really like appears to be near-impossible for one reason or another >_< blah.

eh. I have nothing of importance to say.

(So, What Have You Been Up To, Zorba?)

void kControls::rebuildFindLists() {



  int i;
  for( i = 0; i < getAxiscount(); i++ ) {
    if( getAxisinfo( i ).hidid.valid() ) {
      axisHidid[ getAxisinfo( i ).hidid ] = i;
    } else {
      g_errlog << "CONTROL: (debug) No provided HIDID for axis \"" << getAxisinfo( i ).dev->name.get() << "," << getAxisinfo( i ).name.get() << "\"" << std::endl;
    axisDevid[ getButtoninfo( i ).getKeyDevId() ] = i;

  for( i = 0; i < getButtoncount(); i++ ) {
    if( getButtoninfo( i ).hidid.valid() ) {
      buttonHidid[ getButtoninfo( i ).hidid ] = i;
    } else {
      g_errlog << "CONTROL: (debug) No provided HIDID for button \"" << getButtoninfo( i ).dev->name.get() << "," << getButtoninfo( i ).name.get() << "\"" << std::endl;
    buttonDevid[ getButtoninfo( i ).getKeyDevId() ] = i;


That. And stuff.

Yeah, that was just an excuse to confuse people. Bite me :P

current mood: look at this enormous lightbulb

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This has been floating around for a bit... I'm procrastinating. I should be writing reading a many paper(s).

BL: Bi-Les factor
Bi. But girls are cuter, and have more soft bits. Plus guys are boring. (relatively speaking.) Bah. See Luna's reply (quoted below), only reverse the genders, and remove the end bit.
Bi. But I like to be a girl too much to be with another girl. It would have to be someone very different from me. If there was a girl I liked who was interested in me... there'd be no question. How can I experience everything if I eliminate so much of the population? Plus, girls are really pretty.
(yes, I'm lazy.)

PA: Political Action factor
Round about nil, because I tend to go with the belief that "it'll all work out if you just stop messing with it", and because there are people out there who are being very activistic on my opinions and still not getting anywhere. I have better ways to waste my time ;)

SF: Silk/Flannel factor
They're both neat. I wouldn't wear either, though, just because I tend to be utilitarian in clothing.

TP: Tattoo/Piercing factor

F: Furriness factor
Does "hairiness" count? I've been told I'm fuzzy.

B/F: Butch/Femme (more internal)

(what? :P)

A: Androgyny factor (more external)
From the back I can be (and have been) confused with a girl. From the front, you'd have to be mostly blind to make that mistake.

V Vice factor (specify: s, dk, or dg)
Computer games. ^^

B Body factor
In terms of beauty, eh, it's okay. I can't judge my own body, so I have to go with what other people say, which isn't anything. In terms of ability, I like it. I'm strong enough to do what I need and I've got good balance :)

G Go! factor
Does anyone know what this means?

O Out factor
Not a secret. But I don't ram it in people's faces. So, hey.

H: Head-case factor
Millenium hand and shrimp.

DS: Dom/Sub factor
I could do both. Which I'd be happier with depends on my mood at the time.

TF: Touchy/Feely factor
Reverse reference. Basically, I'll be however much as you are, quite happily :) I tend to keep to myself unless the person in question has explicitly said it's okay, though, out of safety. I'm a snuggler though ^^

R Romance factor
high. romantic stuff is good ^^

C "Cultured" factor
Luna says it best.
I can be cultured if I really have to be. But give me outside in the rain anyday over a formal banquet.

current mood: chipper

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"no user serviceable parts inside." hah. I'll show *you* a user-servicable part.

current mood: smug

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