September 24th, 2001


implied dominance

There's something that really bothers me about that. It's the idea that I, as a male, can be automatically considered the dominant one in a relationship solely because of my gender. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps the strength factor? Yes, on average, guys are stronger than females.

So *what*?

It doesn't mean anything if the guy's not going to use it. Geez, I could take the same logic and use it to point out how if I entered into a relationship with someone I cared about, *they'd* have implied dominance. Because I wouldn't use my strength, and they might manipulate me. Does this mean I shouldn't go out with people I care about?

At some point, you just have to *trust* each other . . . you have to trust that you won't manipulate or force each other, otherwise the entire relationship is a cycle of power trips and insecurities.

Grah. Why is trust so hard for people today? I don't expect people to trust *everyone*, that would be nuts, but . . . yeah, if your trust is betrayed you can be hurt. Sometimes you have to take risks.

(and this whole vicious cycle of untrust and hatred continues, of course . . .)
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ugh. My monitor's blown TWO capacitors today.

should I buy a case and monitor *now*, or wait until I get my topcoder cash and paycheck, and do it all at once like I was planning to, and thus save shipping?
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