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Zorba the Hutt's Journal

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Friday, September 28th, 2001
12:20a - Help Ben With His Homework!
So. Let's say you're typing a word into a TV-like system using only a DVD remote control. How would you want to do it?

Stylus method: There's a "virtual keyboard" on the screen - all the buttons - and a little cursor. You move the cursor around with the directional pad, and hit enter when it's over the right "button". Backspace is provided in case you screw up.

Console game method: You hit "up" and "down" to scroll through all the letters. So D would require hitting "up" three times. Then you hit "right" to move to the next letter. Left, of course, would go to the previous letter.

Cellphone method: All the numbers have three or four letters over them like a normal telephone keypad. You push the number multiple times to cycle through the letters. When the letter you want is chosen, hit "next". (Previous is available for making changes.)

Alphabetical method: The system shows you a word. If the word you want comes alphabetically before the shown word, hit "previous". If it comes after, hit "next". If it's that word, hit enter. It would take about 15 button-pushes total to find the word you want. (Assume that all the words you could possibly want are, indeed, entered into the database.)

Vote! I need this for a class ;) Suggestions are welcome, and if you like one but want to modify it slightly, vote for it and leave a comment with the modification.

Which is your FAVORITE option?

Console game
Other (write in comment)

What options do you think are good? (choose your favorite here also)

Console game
Other (write in comment)

Which options do you think are LOUSY?

Console game

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2:36a - honesty
I'm certain everyone thinks of honesty as "don't lie", at least primarily. I mean, that's what it is. Not lying.

But I'm wondering how far people think this goes. Lying by omission, for example - if someone asks you something and you don't tell the *entire* truth, but you don't really tell any *untruths*. What about white lies? Truths that might - or probably - have no beneficial effect. Truths that could very well hurt, and never knowing about it would never hurt the person at all. What about volunteering? If they don't ask you something you know would probably be important to them, do you have to volunteer the information in the interests on honesty?

What about all of them combined? Something someone will never find out about, that might hurt them if they knew, that they half *do* know but think that's all there is. Someone you deeply care about and don't want to hurt.

of course, you could always post an LJ entry about it and hope they ask, to get rid of the whole conundrum altogether. But then it might not be the right timing - what if you know that you can make it not-hurt-as-much if the timing's right, and if they came straight out and asked, it might hurt them more? Or it might turn out very very badly?

sigh. lousy honesty.

(please don't ask. And if you think you know what it might be, please don't say anything. I'll post later on if you can ask, but . . . if you asked and you were that person, I'd have to tell you. So if you're that person, please don't ask, because I need to keep this to myself right now. Only I can't say who that person is, and you have no way of knowing if it's you or not, so just don't ask. Please.)

I would like to hear anybody's opinions on matters of this sort tho :/ (no, no more details, that's all you've got. It's a general case. I'll specific-ize it myself.)

current mood: contemplative

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A post I made a few days ago, then realized I was going to ask this on LJ and didn't want to influence people's decisions . . .
what bugs me about compsci majors
is that they have *no* idea what *people* are looking for.

Look, folks - a user does not want to be the predicate in a binary search. They want to type in the name of what they're looking for, and if there are too many matches, they'll just type more.


"But it's simple to explain! See, they look at the name on the screen, and if it comes alphabetically *before* what they're looking for they press one button, and if it comes alphabetically *after* what they're looking for they press another button, and if it's what they're looking for they press a third button! And it's O(log n) time! Anyway, how do you type in LETTERS on a NUMERIC KEYPAD?"

well, actually, folks, people do it all the time today. Cellphone text messages. Ever heard of them? They're pretty popular. And people get really good with them. Why don't you just DUPLICATE THE EXISTING INTERFACE - this being practically what this class is *about*?

And I bet I can prove that it's O(log n) time also, average-case.
Current poll stats are overwhelmingly in favor of cellphone, and overwhelmingly *against* the binary-search alphabetical option. Woo!

I wonder if there's an icon for this mood.

current mood: vindicated

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Heh. this - apparently my true match is . . .

The princess who would be a prince, Utena is the very model of excellence. She's good at sports, academics and is a true friend to all those who deserve one. Always helping those in need, Utena can always be depended upon. As a duelist, Utena faces many challenges in her life, but always comes through when it counts the most.

As a child, Utena was saved by her prince on a white horse, whom she has been looking for ever since. With all the fakes trying to posses our poor Utena, will she ever come to realize her prince or true happiness?

. . . does this mean I'm a prince?

current mood: amused

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