September 30th, 2001


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RED DWARF Series IV episode 6, "Meltdown"

1 Int. Sleeping Quarters.

CAT, LISTER and RIMMER are sitting round a table in the sleeping
quarters. CAT and LISTER are playing a card game and RIMMER is regaling
them with tales of his youth. As the scene opens we see that CAT and
LISTER seem to be in some kind of pain.

RIMMER: So there we were at 2:30 in the morning; I was beginning to wish
I had never come to cadet training school. To the south lay water --
there was no way we could cross that. To the east and west two armies
squeezed us in a pincer. The only way was north; I had to go for it
and pray the Gods were smiling on me. I picked up the dice and threw
two sixes. Caldecott couldn't believe it. My go again; another two
LISTER: Rimmer, what's wrong with you? Don't you realize that no one is
even slightly interested in anything you're saying? You've got this
major psychological defect which blinds you to the fact that you're
boring people to death! How come you can't sense that?
RIMMER: Anyway I picked up the dice again... Unbelievable! Another two
LISTER: Rimmer!
LISTER: No one wants to know some stupid story about how you beat your
Cadet School Training Officer at Risk.
RIMMER: Then -- disaster! I threw a two and a three; Caldecott picked up
the dice and threw snake eyes -- I was still in it.
LISTER: Cat, can you talk to him?.

CAT is sitting with big pieces of cotton wool plugged in to his ears. As
LISTER talks to him he takes one of the pieces.

CAT: What?
RIMMER: Anyway, to cut a long story short I threw a five and a four which
beat his three and a two, another double six followed by a double four
and a double five. After he'd thrown a three and a two I threw a six
and a three.
CAT: Man, this guy could bore for his country!
LISTER: What I want to know, is how the smeg can you remember what dice
you threw at a game you played when you were seventeen?
RIMMER: I jotted it down in my Risk campaign book. I always used to do
that so I could replay my moments of glory over a glass of brandy in
the sleeping quarters. I ask you, what better way is there to spend a
Saturday night?
CAT: Ya got me.
RIMMER: So a six and a three and he came back with a three and a two.
LISTER: Rimmer, can't you tell the story is not gripping me? I'm in a
state of non-grippedness, I am completely smegging ungripped. Shut the
smeg up.
RIMMER: Don't you want to hear the Risk story?
LISTER: That's what I've been saying for the last fifteen minutes.
RIMMER: But I thought that was because I hadn't got to the really
interesting bit...
LISTER: What really interesting bit?
RIMMER: Ah well, that was about two hours later, after he'd thrown a
three and a two and I'd thrown a four and a one. I picked up the
LISTER: Hang on Rimmer, hang on... the really interesting bit is exactly
the same as the dull bit.
RIMMER: You don't know what I did with the dice though, do you? For all
you know, I could have jammed them up his nostrils, head butted him on
the nose and they could have blasted out of his ears. That would've
been quite interesting.
LISTER: OK, Rimmer. What did you do with the dice?
RIMMER: I threw a five and a two.
LISTER: And that's the really interesting bit?
RIMMER: Well it was interesting to me, it got me into Irkutsk.

. . . does this remind anybody of anybody else?

(grrrr. I really hate not liking people, but she's just annoying, she doesn't realize when nobody's listening to her stories because they're not interesting! >_<)

(no, it's not anybody on here :P)
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boondock saints


I just wish I could do something. Like, *really* do something - make some major inroads on whatever it is that this is. On the forces of darkness, really, but . . . there's not much one person can do.

I just wish.

And, of course, any possible immediate solution creates thousands of problems itself. Less a solution than a change.

(yes, the topic has relevance. But if you haven't seen the movie I can't explain it, and if you have you don't need it explained.)
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this, for one. The article isn't very good, but, as usual for K5, the discussion is.

One person points out that there are basically three options we've got with Iraq. (note: iraq. Not Afghanistan. This is a completely *different* middle-eastern country.)

1) Give up and go home. Leave Saddam to his toys and remove all economic sanctions. Which will probably include biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons in a very short while. While I suppose he might be content to sit around at home until he grows old, I wouldn't count on it, judging by his track record.

2) Do what we're doing right now, economic sanctions and all, and watch as Saddam ships out food on the black market instead of feeding the nation. Allow everyone in Iraq to continue starving.

3) Invade. War, deaths. Take out Saddam and either instate a new government or make it part of the US. (probably the first.) Cause much pain and suffering for a short period of time, then, if we do it right, turn the country around and make it better (livable).

Take your pick.

I also include this partially because of a hilarious quote on the problems of extrapolation . . .

"By that logic, women marathon runners will become viable orbital launch systems by the end of the century."


this, however, *is* related to Afghanistan, but is also interesting.

to all those in pain . . .

You in the dark
You in the pain
You on the run
Living a hell
Living your ghost
Living your end
Never seem to get in the place that I belong
Don't wanna lose the time
Lose the time to come

Whatever you say it's alright
Whatever you do it's all good
Whatever you say it's alright
Silence is not the way
We need to talk about it
If heaven is on the way
If heaven is on the way

You in the sea
On a decline
Breaking the waves
Watching the lights go down
Letting the cables sleep

Whatever you say it's alright
Whatever you do it's all good
Whatever you say it's alright
Silence is not the way
We need to talk about it
If heaven is on the way
We'll wrap the world around it
If heaven is on the way
If heaven is on the way
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this is amusing.

Gave Aerith a link to this . . . wonder what she thought about it. Was sort of an impulse - our waking schedules don't synch at all, so we never get to *talk*. grrr. frustrating. Didn't even remember that I talk about her once in a while. Ah well . . . she's cool enough that maybe she won't mind.

There's a fourth Mode book! Woo! And I think I loaned my entire Mode series to my now-ex. grrrr.

That, combined with Diablo II, combined with Real Life jokes *about* diablo II . . . the same ones we used to make . . .



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The Real Life guy has the bad Iria wallscroll.

I have the *good* one!

or I would if my mom would MAIL THE STUPID THING ALREADY @#%$


On another note, I've found a new perverted comic. Please don't go to that link if you're immature or have virgin eyes :)

(note: that's actually the *second* comic, because the first one bites. I was going to say it sucks, but decided against it.)

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strange day today.

Went down to Harkness eat dinner with Marta. Turned out it was naked day. So we sat down, and Marta took her shirt off and so did I. Then a few people were getting irked at the almost total lack of nakedness, so they left to create the Naked Table, where nakedness was mandatory, so Marta and I followed them.

*shrug* when in rome.

other news . . . won $300 in the Saturday competition - I'm now in 23rd place. In a competition or two, with any luck, I'll go yellow, which will put me quite solidly and visibly in the top 15.

Wonder if I can manage red. If I can pull off a consistent red, that'd put me in 1st or 2nd place, as there's only one other person on the site who can hold red.

still lonely. even with all the fantastic people I know, the dozen or more I'd ask out, the three or four I would claim to love (not-going-out-with/not-able-to-trust-completely love, but still far more than just friendship) . . . even with all that, I can't really look at anyone and honestly believe I have even the slightest chance.

if I asked you out, what would you say?

all I originally wanted was someone to curl up with and a shoulder to cy on. That's really all I wanted. And I got that, and then they tore me to shreds . . . and now I feel myself falling apart again on a weekly basis, and I need someone I can tell everything to and curl up with every night and cry and . . . someone who cares enough about me to want to patch me up, and someone I can trust enough to tell them what they need to know to patch me up, and someone . . . *sigh* I don't know how to write the last one.

and if you knew what it meant, would you still go out with me?

Someone I can rely on?
Someone I can trust to be there for me?
Someone I don't have to share?

Someone who's in love with me enough that they'll be there for me whatever it takes.

And I'd be there for them even more, of course . . . if I ever meet someone like that again, I won't make the same mistake. I won't let self-preservation get in the way . . . I'll destroy myself before I allow them to be hurt in any way.

and if you knew what I'd sacrifice, would you let me fall in love with you?

and if you knew how much it could hurt me, would you ever let it start?
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1. if there were 3 wells (love, beauty and creativity) and you could only drink from one, which would it be?: Creativity. If I ever get love, I want to earn it.
2. with problems, whom do you run to? a few people. you know who you are.
3. which finger is your favorite? I forget what they're called.
4. what's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten? BrAiNs! no, not really. Haven't got a clue. Tongue, maybe? It wasn't really disgusting, it was actually pretty tasty. It had a lot of mustard also, which I consider a Good Thing.
5. would you kill someone? Uh-huh.
6. if yes, why? To protect someone.
7. if you were making a movie about yourself, who would play the lead? Me, of course. Duh.
8. do you like your handwriting? It suffices.
9. who are you jealous of? No comment.
10. what kind of person do you want to marry? if you actually need an answer to this question, you must not have been reading my journal very long :P
11. unluckiness? lots.
12. what do you put on your sandwiches? meat. cheese. mustard. lettuce. tomato. anything that looks interesting.
13. do you think people on the Gap commercials are cool? Depends on what the heat's set at. And their cold tolerance, of course.
14. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Probably.
15. are you a daredevil? Sometimes.
16. how big was the biggest mango you ever ate? dunno. ^^;;
17. have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never repeat? nope.
18. what do you think is the most attractive animated character? depends on my mood too much ;)
19. do looks matter? a little. Not a lot. first-impression stuff.
20. color? Octarine.
21. do you pray? uh-uh.
22. are you trendy? hah. right.
23. what do you do to prevent anger? oddly enough, I don't have that problem.
24. who is your idol? I don't think I have one.
25. who is your second family? well, I seem to be in the process of being adopted by a family, actually ;)
26. do you trust others easily? Depends on what I'm trusting them with . . . basic stuff, yes.
27. what was your favorite toy as a child? I have no idea whatsoever.